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Pipe air

For our project, the environmental factor we want to include is air. We will use different types of sensors to collect air quality data at different locations. We will use an anemometer to measure wind speed. We will put the corresponding scent spray in the pipe to let people smell the difference.


The emotional development of our project comes from a cultural reference to air pollution. The air quality varies from place to place, and we want people to be aware of this. The winding black industrial pipe symbolizes pollution.


Human beings themselves feel the quality of the surrounding air through their skin and noses. In our work, I hope to restore this part of the design and let people feel the air quality in different areas through their skin and noses.

Our presentation can be displayed in five pipes to represent five different locations. The pipes are intertwined from the ground, and the user can interact with our device by feeling and smelling the pipes. Our installation goal is to help users understand the air quality at the location we choose. Each pipe will have varying degrees of wind speed depending on the wind speed and odor at the selected location. When the user approaches the pipe, they can feel the wind and smell different smells.


We designed air pollution sensors, odor detectors, wind sensors, humidity sensors, and temperature sensors to maximize the reduction of air in the area. So, for our project, we chose the forest, downtown Toronto, nearby factories, nearby parks, and lakesides.

Creative Team:

  • Zhouyang Lu

  • Andy Phan

  • Ken Zhu

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