Not Suitable for Breathing, a data visualization and art installation, which visualizes Canadian COVID-19 mortality data through animation, physical objects, and sound. These projects provide viewers with an opportunity to contemplate and reflect on our experiences and those we have lost during the pandemic.

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Not Suitable for Breathing
Proximal Spaces

How does it feel to be watched? That’s the raw feeling we want you to experience. You step into our world and it’s just mirrors…Little warm lights over top each one of them, giving you an eerie feeling as soft sounds beckon you closer. You walk around this mostly dark room staring at reflections and they are all that you see… It makes you feel very isolated as you notice there’s a blinking light that intrigues you to investigate it, so you start walking towards it. You eventually get to the back and you notice yourself on several large CRT monitors, your face all mangled and distorted. You realize someone has been recording you, makes you wonder who is watching? And what do they want to do to you…

Person Is A DataStructure

Covid-19 design book

Pandemic Visual Diary

Unity / Motion capture / Interactive audio-visual art installation / Kinect camera sensor


Personal photography set

Out of the box
In the Lens
Uncanny Hyperreal Supernormal Virtual Relationships
Uncanny Hyperreal Supernormal Virtual Relationships
The Breathing Art1.jpg

This was originally a physical installation project planned to be exhibited at the Toronto International Design Centre, but the entire work had to be moved online because of the lockdown.

The Breathing Art